Daily Reflections for the 15th Week of Ordinary Time (Year A)

Sunday 12th July  

Introduction to the Mass

On this 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time, we are called to respond to the word of God in our lives. God’s word is sown to us in various ways, but how do we respond? 

We can tell our response to God in our lives, by the way we live, by the fruit we bare. This week, what fruit have we produced, or perhaps, what weeds and rocks have got in the way of our living as God would want. 

For the times we have been less than responsive to God, we ask for his loving mercy and forgiveness in our lives. 


Do you ever get the feeling of, ‘Why do I bother?’ This can be the case for any of us in all sorts of different situations.

I know of many parents and grand-parents who are heart-broken that their children or grand-children no longer go to church. They often say, I don’t know what I did wrong.

I often feel the same way as a priest. I do weddings, baptisms, 1st Holy Communions  –  I try to do them as nicely as I can  –  but more often than not, the families don’t come back to church again , until they want something else. I often think, what did I do wrong?

If that is how we feel, then today’s Gospel can ring us encouragement and support.

We are called to sow the seeds of faith, but it is only God who can reap the harvest. We sow the seeds every single day, but the harvest may be in years to come  –  in God’s time.

If we did not sow the seeds, there would definitely be no harvest. But at least if we sow the seeds, there will be a harvest, but the harvest is in God’s time, not ours.

When we sow the seeds of faith, we must not look for quick results. Look at nature  –  there is never any haste in natures growth. It takes a long, long time for an acorn to become an oak tree; it may take a long time for the word of God, sown in our children’s hearts to germinate and take root in their hearts. But once we have sown the seed, then God can enable it to grow.

We live in an age which often looks for quick results, but in sowing the seeds of faith, we must never lose patience and hope.

We are called to sow, let us leave the harvest in God’s hands.