Following Christ with the Legion of Mary

As followers of Christ we are obliged to practise the Gospel message in our everyday living. Most of us find this difficult and if left to ourselves would became despondent. However, with the Legion of Mary, we have a Catholic organisation with a proven system, which shows us the way, by serving Jesus, through Mary. 

Legion of Mary Membership

There are 2 main types of Legion membership – active and auxiliary members:

 Active members meet weekly on Parish premises with the agreement of the parish priest. Here at St. Patrick’s we meet in the presbytery at 10am each Tuesday.  Our meeting opens with the special Legion prayers followed by the Rosary and then the allocation of some work to be undertaken in the coming week by pairs of members. In all, this weekly commitment as an active Legionary takes up to around 2 hours. Many people cannot make this commitment due to family/work responsibilities but may wish to support the work of the Legion as Auxiliary members.

Auxiliary membership involves the commitment to say the special Legion prayers each day and to ask Our Blessed Lady to guide and support active members in the work of the Legion.

Not all Work & Prayer.
Throughout the year Legionaries & Auxiliaries & guests are invited to take part in social events, the highlights of which are the Summer Outing & the Christmas Dinner.

The Legion of Mary is a Parish based worldwide Catholic action movement,open to all practising members of the church, religious, lay men, women and young people. Members of the Legion of Mary (Legionaries) undertake any work of the church, under the guidance of the parish priest, with the exception of collecting money and the giving of material relief. Same examples of the work of the Legion of Mary are:

¨ • visiting the sick, elderly, housebound and lonely in their homes, residential homes or hospitals
¨ • promoting devotion to Our lady and the Rosary
¨ • encouraging lapsed Catholics to return
¨ • carrying out a Parish census, and other work to support the spiritual and pastoral life of the Parish. 

The Legion and You
Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Catholics , have found the Legion spiritually rewarding for themselves and the people they serve. Please give some thought to whether you could become an active or auxiliary member.   For further information please contact Anne Anderson here.