St. Patrick’s
Online Prayer Book

If you have any prayer intentions, please submit them below and we as a parish will join our prayers with yours.

Let us support each other in prayer.

“Heaven preserve us, if we should ever fail
to believe in the power of prayer.”

(Bishop Marcus)

1st August 2023
Please pray for my beloved father in law who died on Thursday, and for his heart broken family and friends

Thank you very much
Amanda Hey

21st March 2023

Prayers please for my husband Stan Dalton who’s third anniversary is this Friday 24th March

Thank you very much

7th August 2022

Please pray for two special people who are hoping to receive positive news on Wednesday which will enable them to begin IVF treatment for a much wanted baby. They are a very special couple and would make the best  parents. 

Thank you
Private Intention

9th March 2023

We ask for prayers for a member of our family who is seriously ill. We also ask for prayers for those who are trying to treat her.

Thank you
Marie Logush

26th February 2022

We ask for prayers for our family members in Ukraine

Thank you
Roman and Marie Logush

18th February 2023

Please pray for my cousin who suffered a stroke and has sustained cognitive brain damage. May his family gain the strength to support him daily.

Thank you
Karin Rann

23rd February 2022

Please pray for the people in our parishes who are nervous about coming back to church. May they soon feel confident in being back in church with us once again.

Thank you
Fr Eamonn